Role of the Speech Language Pathologist

South County Therapies began when speech pathologists  recognized that many school aged students require services to supplement therapies provided in the school environment.  

Although local schools have very skilled and talented therapists who provide specialized instruction in order for children to access curriculum, schools have financial, time and staffing constraints.    

It is South County Therapies' belief that children and their families need more opportunities and guidance so that children can develop communication skills in a more natural and thorough manner.  Treatment for communication delays and disorders should treat the whole child and all of his or her speech and language needs.

Centrally Located

South County Therapies is located  on Main Street in Sturbridge.  We collaborate with Cater 2 Kids OT.  There is plenty of parking and easy to access  from Dudley, Charlton, Oxford, Sturbridge, Webster and more surrounding towns.  


A Speech Language Pathologist at South County Therapies will assess and consider all of the child and family needs and develop a plan to provide the appropriate course of treatment with a qualified speech therapist.